Friday, February 11, 2011

From Visual Studio to XCode – Lessons Learned #1

In Visual Studio I use HOME/END to jump back and forth on rows, extensively. Using those keys in XCode results in the cursor jumping to the beginning/end of the document instead of the current row. There is a simple way to fix this:


XCode->Preferences->Key Bindings->Text Key Bindings


  1. First, duplicate “Xcode Default” Key Binding Set, by clicking on Duplicate…
  2. Name your new Key Binding Set
  3. Assign “Home” to “Move to Beginning of Line”
  4. Assign “End” to “Move to End of Line”
  5. Remove the previous bindings for Home/End from “Scroll to Beginning of Document/Scroll to End of Document” (if necessary. Xcode might remove these automatically).

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