Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SVN relocate on Mac OS

This shows you how to relocate your svn directory to point at a new server ip address on MacOS. In the following example I have used the following parameters:

  • Computer user: Jerry
  • Directory where I have my local copy of the repository checked out: Jerry/MyProject
  • SVN user: svnuser
  • SVN psw: svnpsw
  • New IP of my server:

1. Open the Terminal
2. Navigate to the directory where you have your version checked out
3. Type "svn info".

  • If you get a message like "svn: '.' is not a working copy", then you are in a directory that is not under version control. I.e. you are in the wrong directory.

4. See where it says "URL ..." ? This is where your current directory is currently linked to. You want to use that URL in the next step. In my case it says : URL: svn://
5. Write "svn switch --username svnuser --password svnpsw --relocate svn:// svn://"

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